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Big Jumps
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Welcome! You have stumbled across Big Jumps, a weekly fanfiction challenge community focused on the relationship between the Doctor and his current companion, the redheaded Amy Pond. We like the shippy, but we also just like the Doctor and Amy hanging out together.

Every Thursday, some kind of prompt is posted (a song, lyrics, poem, phrase, photo, etc) that the modstaff feels relates to the duo. Some may be broader than others. If you are inspired, we encourage you to write a Doctor & Amy fic (it doesn't have to be long but there is a 600 word minimum) based on that prompt and post it here. On the following Thursday the weekly challenge closes and everyone who follows the community may vote for their favorite story. Voting closes and results will be posted on Mondays.

1. You can participate or not participate any week you like- it is not mandatory to participate every week to be a member. Frequent participation is encouraged however.
2. If you are not a writer, you can still follow the community to read the stories and vote!
3. All ratings from G to M for mature are accepted; we just ask that you rate your stories correctly.
4. Your stories MUST focus on the Doctor AND Amy. You can interpret the Doctor and Amy relationship as obvious or subtle as you like, but the focus of your story should not be on Doctor/River or Amy/Rory. Though including Rory or River or whoever in your story is fine otherwise.
5. You may enter more than one story for the same challenge!
6. Entries MUST have the following header:

Word Count:

Happy ficcing!

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