the falling and rising (glassbomb) wrote in big_jumps,
the falling and rising

voting post: challenge #6

I was glad to see the participation increase with the challenge extension. More fic centered around Eleven and Amy is always a good thing, right? Keep it up, guys! I would love to see all the new members try their hand next time.

IMPORTANT NOTICE BEFORE VOTING: We have issued a new rule when it comes to voting. You may not vote for yourself. Please keep this in mind while voting. Besides, it's always nice to show another author a little bit of recognition.

This poll is closed.

Which story written for Challenge #6 was your favorite?

songandsilence's requiem aeternam
tasty-kate's The Small Request

We thank and appreciate your participating, whether it be in voting or writing or encouraging! The results of the vote will be posted after the poll has closed this Tuesday and the next challenge will be issued on Thursday, hopefully. We have more fun ideas we'd like to try.
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