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challenge #6 extension


You know, I really hate to do this yet again, but as we only have one entry for the current challenge (Free-for-All), we almost have to. This time of year may definitely be a bit busy for some of you what with possible exams, looming holidays, and NaNoWriMo, but I was hoping that with this challenge being as broad as a challenge can be (and with the influx of new members!), we'd see some more participation. Again, this challenge is a free-for-all, meaning you can submit any genre, rating, theme, plot, etc as long as it's Eleven/Amy-centric, as this is the point of this community. Really, the boundaries are quite wide. So, I hope some of you take take this extra week to your advantage and write something for the community!

The new deadline for this challenge is Thursday, November 25th
. Please make sure you submit your fics before then or at least by the end of that day. Again, good luck and happy ficcing!
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